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Bristol faces many transport challenges.
One of our biggest challenge is congestion. This generates:
• Poor air quality
• Reduces space and safety for active modes such as walking and cycling
• Makes public transport unreliable
The number of homes and jobs in Bristol is planned to increase over the next 20 years and it is crucial our transport system supports the growth and allows everyone to access opportunities and services easily.

Our vision for Bristol is to be a well-connected city that enables people to move around efficiently with increased transport options that are accessible and inclusive to all. We will deliver an improved sustainable and resilient transport network that that supports Bristol’s vibrant independent local centres and neighbourhoods and connects to an attractive and thriving city centre.

We want to hear your thoughts on transport in Bristol to feed into the consultation on the draft Bristol Transport Strategy. Consultation is open until 2nd November 2018.

After you have completed this simulator tool, please also complete our short questionnaire on the draft Bristol Transport Strategy document on the Bristol Transport Strategy consultation web page.

We look forward to hearing your views.